Cyber Security Requirements for Cyber Insurance

The malware and tools used for hacking are created by sophisticated Software Developers and sold as Crimewave as a Service (CaaS) to hackers.  A malware known as DCRat is a Great Example as to why CyberSecurity has become so critical.

Cyber Insurance companies require active CyberSecurity technology and procedures to be implemented for a Cyber Insurance Policy to remain valid.  If the Technologies and Procedures are not in place, then the policy is in breach and non-payable.

Well-funded Russian Hacking groups are monitored world-wide, however there are stand-alone operators that sell their malware dirt cheap, so that anyone in the world who wants to be a hacker can afford to purchase the service.  DCRat aka (DarkCrystal Rat) is just one example of those services that attempts to stay slightly beneath those watchful eyes.

A software developer codenamed “crystalcoder” and “boldenis44” developed DCRat, which is a FULL FEATURED effective homemade tool. It opens a backdoor and additional features can be added with plugins developed by other software developers. Basically, DCRat can steal everything by network infiltration.  The result, even keystrokes are recorded for everything that you type and YES it is smart enough to target Bank accounts, UserId’s and Passwords.

To keep hackers up-to-date, there is a Telegram channel for DCRat that shares malware and plugin updates.  The channel has thousands of subscribers and keeps growing.

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